Monday, May 26, 2014

Knox is One Month Old!

Sweet Baby Knox, you are 1 month old. Wait... how did that happen? Where did the last month go?

Knox, you are such a good baby. We are loving life with you in it! 

You visited the Dr. a few weeks ago and weighed 9 pounds. You are now wearing size 1 diapers. The newborn size was getting a little small and size 1 still doesn't fit quite right! We are going to have to put away your newborn clothes soon, they are all starting to get a little tight! 

You are a big boy and eating 4 ounces every 4 hours. You have adapted to a schedule very easily. 

You are an awesome sleeper! Some nights sleeping 7 hours without waking up to eat. You are letting Mommy sleep and she loves that! 

You are sleeping in our room in your rocker/sleeper. Mommy likes you being right there with her, but will try to move you to your bed soon. You are so easy to put to sleep at bedtime. Every night after your bottle, we put on your bedtime lotion, then your jammies, and swaddle you up. We lay you down in your sleeper and you fall asleep on your own. 

Mommy is trying to make you take your paci. You usually like it when you fall asleep. Daddy is not too crazy about you taking it. 

Bailey is finally starting to notice you and give you kisses. 

You had your first sleepover without Mommy and Daddy. We missed you so much. 

Sometimes when you are really sleepy you get pretty fussy and mad. Eventually we get you comfy and you fall asleep. 

Everyone has fallen in love with you. Happy One Month, Baby Knox! 

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