Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas With The Parents Part 1

 The Sunday before Christmas we had Christmas at our mom and dads.

We always get together the weekend before and exchange gifts. My parents always cook a good lunch and have lots of yummy foods. It is our very first Christmas every year.  This year we had chicken and all the yummy sides.

 These two are just something else.  They are both getting so big!   
I don't know how we did Christmas without them. They loved to open their gifts and help everyone else open.  They are all about silly faces too!

We of course had to take family pics of everyone. I have to tell my family (Adam and Austin) that we are going to take a family pic before we actually take just to get them prepared  for it. They are not big on taking pictures. 

Trying to get a pic with all the grand kids and my child is the one not wanting to take a pic. It looks like he is sleeping but he was really pouting.

We all had some little helpers this year. You could not open a gift with out the help of these two.

This was one of Aydrie's gifts they helped open.  They were to funny. They would open and then be sure to show what she got.
I ended up having way to many pics so I will post the rest tomorrow.

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