Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Polka 2013

At the end of May we had fun at Polka Fest.
Polka Fest is an annual festival our small town has each year. You can read about our past Polka fun here and here.
We once again had a great time with the family. We got up bright and early on Saturday and headed downtown to the parade. A couple of weeks before some historic building were damaged from a tornado so we were all afraid our little parade was going to get canceled but it didn’t. The parade just had a little detour. Some local business are still trying to recover from that tornado. So, Polka Fest this year went on as normal just a few minor changes.
We all met downtown and watch the parade. I was once again a bad picture taker and only got a few pics on my phone.
These two had so much fun this year. They loved the parade!

They had fun waving and dancing to the polka music.

Poor Aydrie girl just wasn’t having a good day. She really doesn’t like big crowds but she made the best of it.

Sweet Parker at his first Polka Fest.

Ace and Lillie were scared of the clowns and took off running with this clown came to talk to Yaya. Turns out that clown knew Yaya and Jared. It was funny!

After the parade we all went to the hall for a yummy lunch and to listen to polka music.


We then headed to my brother and SIL for a cook-out. It was fun. The only picture I got was of this sweet polka baby.

We ended our polka weekend at one of the halls Sunday night. We all met at my sisters and then went to the hall.
It was another fun polka weekend!

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