Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend at the hospital

Hey there....I have been MIA the last week.  We are still trying to get used to our new schedules with the kids back in school and then last Friday we had a family emergency so I have not been able to sit down and even pick up my lap top until now. 

Last Friday Adam called me at work around 1:30 letting me know that my mom had called him and my dad was not feeling well and he may or may have been having a heart attack.  So, I left work immediately.

My dad was out of town with his brother getting his deer lease  ready for hunting season. His deer lease is about 2 hours away. He was having chest pains, loosing feeling in his arms, feeling light headed, shortness of breath and feeling nausea. My dad had talked to my brother and said he had planned to finish up what they were doing and then head home and go to the emergency room.  Well, my bother immediately called my mom to let her know what was going on and my mom called my dad and told him to go the emergency room.

Luckily, my dad listened and they headed to the emergency room where they started running all kinds of  test.  In the mean time my mom and us were waiting to hear from him.  We had no idea if we should head to Hamilton where they were, which was two hours away or wait to see if they would transfer him some where closer.

We soon got the call that they were transferring him to Waco so we packed our bags and headed to Waco as fast as we could. We were all a nervous wreck going down there and the bad thing is we ran into traffic on the way so it took longer then usual to get there.

We finally got there and visited with my dad in the ICU.  Later that night we learned that he would have an angioplasty the next morning to check for blockage.  The doctor new there was blockage but wasn't sure if that was all they would find. 

We checked into a hotel near the hospital and then the next morning got up bright and early to head back to the hospital and we were able to see dad before he had to the procedure done.

Dad ended up having his procedure and the doctor said his right vessel was blocked 80% so he inserted a stent.  He was very pleased with the outcome and he said everything else look good. There was no damage to his heart.  The doctor said he was very lucky and if he had not gone to the hospital when he did it was only a matter of time before he would have had a heart attack.

After the procedure dad was put back in ICU for a couple of hours and then was able to go to a regular room Saturday afternoon.  We are all so glad dad went to the hospital when he did because it saved his life.  After the procedure was done dad said he could tell a difference so that was great and made us all feel better.  It was working.

This is the before and after pictures.  The before picture shows the blockage and the after is with the stent.  It is amazing what doctors can do.  

We were finally able to bring dad home on Sunday afternoon.  It was such a great feeling leaving that hospital with him.  I am so glad that he decided to go to the hospital when he did.  Dad has never had any health problems so this gave us all a good scare.

Dad is now at home resting and will be able to return to normal daily activities in about a week.  We are so thankful for all the wonderful doctors and nurses that took care of him. 

If anyone you know has any of the symptoms our dad did make them go to the hospital asap! It could save their life!

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