Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lillie Turns ONE!

We had lots of fun this past weekend and thought I would share Lillie's 1st birthday in a seprate post because I took lots of pictures.
Lillie turned one on Friday and her birthday party was on Saturday and her 1st birthday party was perfect! Look how cute she was in her little outfit!! I loved it!!!  She had on some squeaky shoes that were to cute. She loved walking and hearing her shoes.

She had the cutest decorations.

These pics are funny.  Ace didn’t get much of a nap on Saturday so when we got to the party he was in one of his moods.  I tried to get a pictures of the one year olds together but Ace just wasn’t having it.  He is looking at her and trying to figure out what she had on…lol. 

Me and Heather with the pretty birthday girl! 

Ace and Aydrie loves the bounce house.  Aydrie would play until her face was beat red and then we would make her get out and rest.  Ace wasn’t to sure at first but then he decided he liked it. 

The birthday girl had fun eating her cake and opening her gifts. She got lots of pretty clothes and fun toys!  She got a couple of toys that we had on our to get list...more on that tomorrow. 

We had lots of fun celebrating her first birthday party and I can't believe she is already one!  

Happy Birthday Lillie Kay!  We all love you to pieces!

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Dianna said...

She is so cute! She looks so much like Derek! I love all of the decorations!

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