Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday!!

We are so glad it's Friday and I have a three day weekend which makes it ever better!  Although I will be spending my day off at doctor appointments. Boo.

Tomorrow we are both going to the sold out Ranger game.  We are not going together....Heather is going with Jared's family and we are going with Adam's brothers.  Heather bought all those cute Ranger's shirts a couple of weeks ago I decided I needed a new one to.  I ordered this one.  It is a little big but I am going to wash and dry it and hopefully it will fit better.  

I ordered some Bath & Body Works last week and it came in this cute box.  I think it might be knew I haven't noticed it before. I thought it was cute.  I love the wall flowers from there.  It was my first time ordering the car freshener.

We went to my parents house the other dad and my dad was mowing.  Ace loved sitting on the lawn did Miss Aydrie.  But he was scared of it when my dad actually turned it on and tried to take him for a ride.

Ace loves Jaydens cowboy boots.  He has to put them on when ever Jayden is wearing them.

I was so upset last weekend when I went to put on my favorite turquoise necklace.  I got it out of the bag and it broke. I nearly cried. I wore this necklace all the time.   Luckily, Heather knows someone that can fix it.

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

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