Thursday, April 19, 2012

Austin's Birthday Party

Austin turned 12 on April 1st.

He is and will always be our April Fools baby no matter how old he is.  This year he wanted to have a birthday party and invite friends from school.  So, this past Saturday he had a bowling party.  There are not a lot of options here in our town so that is where we decided to have it.  

He got to invite 10 friends.  I let him invite five boys and five girls...yes he invited girls!  I couldn't believe it either! Up until now all of his birthday parties have been celebrated with family only.  This was a huge deal to me and I was a nervous wreck all day on Saturday. 

I was mostly worried that his friends wouldn’t be able to make it.   Well, I worried for nothing because his friends came and they had fun bowling.  Austin had a great time and it was the easiest birthday party ever!  I paid a fee to have the party and they did everything.  All I had to do was bring the cake.  It was so worth it! 

We took Aydrie and Ace to Adam's mom while we were at the party.  I didn't want to have to chase them around.  Heather and Jared joined us and even bowled a couple of games.  My mom stopped by and so did April and Jayden.

The party turned out perfect and Austin enjoyed his 12th Birthday!


Dianna said...

Looks like fun!

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Drew Watts said...

He is a big boy now! The idea of celebrating it at a bowling alley was a superb idea. My smallest son loved your blog, and I think this time he is also celebrating it this way. But my daughter is 25 and she has already started to search San Francisco event venues for her birthday party. Age does make a lot of difference.

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