Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

So, going back to work and school on Monday was hard.  I so enjoyed my week off!  I hate how when you are not at work the days fly by so fast!

The weather this past week and weekend was great!

Heather came over Saturday morning and got Austin and Ace and took them to her house to play for a bit.  Aydrie stayed home with us. We were on our way to eat lunch with just Miss Aydrie and Heather called and said she was heading to our house…so they joined us for lunch.   The weather was great so we set on the patio.  Ace and Aydrie had on their St. Patty’s shirt Aunt Chelsea got them and Austin just wanted to wear his green shoes…he wasn’t into St. Patty’s day…neither was his dad. 

Austin has a flower project at school where he has to collect wild flowers then dry them out and put them in a binder.  I can remember doing the exact same project when I was in six grade.  So, after lunch we all got in Adams truck and went looking for wild flowers.  We found quite a few but now we have to sit down and try to identify them all.   We tried to identify a few Saturday night but it was harder than we thought…so we will have to work on that some more.  At least we have our flowers.   We need three more. I am hoping we can find them.

Sunday we had a lazy day getting ready for the work week.

Hope you all are having a good week!

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