Friday, February 10, 2012


Happy Friday Y'all!

Heather's newest project in the works is refinishing this coffee table. It was in our Grandparent's house and our Grandpa made it.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can share the finished product!

You can see her coffee table trunk here!

Jared will be happy to have an actual coffee table when she gets this in the house.

The last two weeks I have been busy around the house doing house work and cleaning out things.

Not really doing much at all that would be blog worthy.

Heather was extra helpful the week before we put our house on the market.

She came over and help me do some decluttering.

Our house looks so good thanks to her.  

I do have some pics from my phone to share before they magically disappear from my phone…that’s what happens when a one year old plays with your phone.
We had a visit from Lillie last week.

My mom and Heather were at my house watching Aydrie and Ace until I got home from work one day and when I walked in I saw this sweet face.

It was a nice little surprise.

And Aydrie and Ace had fun playing with her.

Last week Austin had his first band concert.

This two were funny.

They were all smiles and would not sit still until the concert started.

The lights went dim and they started playing and they both froze.

I think they were kind of scared at first but they ended up liking it.

Austin and his classmates sounded so good.

Austin warned me before I went that he was in the back so I probably wouldn’t be able to get a picture of him…well he was right.

Ace Brady got to have his first taste of cheese dip while we were out eating the other day.

He loved it and kind of got mad when it was gone.

These boys crack me up.

Jayden came over last Friday night and the first toy he grabs is Aydrie’s picnic basket.

That of course made Ace mad because Ace thinks the picnic basket is his.

They finally both decided to play with it together.

Gosh who would of thought this picnic basket would be a toy the boys would want to play with??

I wish they made one in boy colors…lol

Have a great weekend!!

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Holly said...

Love the cheese dip photos! I want some now, lol! :)

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