Friday, January 13, 2012


Happy Friday!!

I have a three day weekend ahead and that makes me happy!!

Austin and Aydrie are out of school today and Monday so they have a four day weekend! Yay!

Tonight Austin has a birthday party to go to and we are watching Jayden.

Tomorrow we have another wedding. 

So, Sunday I am hoping to catch up on all my shows from this past week.

I am loving that all my shows are on again.

Last Sunday I watch Dance Moms on Lifetime

I am hooked.

The new season started Tuesday.

That's just what I need another show to watch. Ha!

Last Friday when I got home I had this nice little package waiting on me.

I was so excited.

I am loving my Erin Condren planner.

Sunday, I made a cake and we have been eating it all week.

We decided to add red and white sprinkles and make it a Valentine's cake.

We have got our hands full with this little boy.

He loves his bubba so much and sometimes they drive me crazy.

Austin is pretty good at getting Ace going and then they both end up getting in trouble. Ha!

Aydrie loves to pick on her little brother. 

I usually sit down and feed them at the same time but the other morning Ace slept late so I fed them at different times.

So, the whole time Ace was eating Aydrie was doing this and Ace did not like it.

They are so funny when they pick on each other.

I know one day they will really like each other.

This is why they must eat at the same time...neither one of them likes to share their food.

Aydrie got a little picnic basket from Santa and Ace loves it.

But I usually put it up so he doesn't lose all the pieces.

The other day I put him in his crib and he had a little picnic.

Heather went clearance shopping at Wal Mart this week and got all of this stuff for $3.

Lots of neat stuff for her kiddos next year.

Now lets just hope she remembers she has it next year.

Have a great weekend!

life rearranged


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