Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Weekend

Happy New Years to you all!!

We had a great New Year's weekend.

It was a three day weekend for me and I loved it!

Saturday, New Year's Eve we had a wedding to go to.

So, we stayed at home most of the day.

We had a late Chinese lunch.  It was good!!

Aydrie and Ace don't eat Chinese so we had to stop and get them something before we went.

I wonder if they mind that we do that??

After we ate we drop Aydrie and Ace off at Adam's parents and then went home to get ready for our night out.

We met my family up there and had a great time.

I love big weddings!

There was lots of family there and it was good to see everyone.

Heather and I even got to talk to our cousin, Dianna, that has a blog too.  You can check her blog out here.

We should have taken a pic with her. Ha!

It was nice to chat with her.

We had planned to stay out till midnight be we didn't make it.

We were home by 10:30 and I was in bed by 11:00.

And asleep by 11:05. Ha!

But it was nice to get out for a bit.

Sunday, we got out of the house for a bit and went to the grocery store.

I hate going to the grocery store.

But once again our New Year's resolution as a family is to stop eating out during the week.

I am hoping we stick with is because it is healthier and it could save us some money!

We have agreed that we will eat out on the weekend one night.

So, Sunday the boys made hamburgers and french fries.  I know it probably isn't the healthiest thing but hey we are trying.

I have made some New Year's resolutions for myself.
  • Workout
  • Bring my lunch to work
  • Cook at home during the week. NO EATING OUT!
  • Be nice to Adam.Ha!(Sometimes with life and kids...I can forget about this.)
  • Try my hardest to eat left overs since we are going to be cooking. (And if you don't know me this is going to be hard...I.hate.leftovers!)

I hate the whole resolutions thing each year.

I really don't make a big deal out of it.

I will try my best.

Hope you all had a great New Year's Weekend!



Dianna said...

It was great chatting you and Heather! You both looked so cute!

Courtney and Heather said...

Aww Thanks Dianna! You look very pretty in that bridesmaid dress. I loved the pockets!!


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