Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Day Part 2

If you missed part one you can click here to catch up.

I finally had time over the weekend to get part two done.

After we finished having our Christmas we got dressed and headed to Adam's parents for lunch,

{Sometimes Jayden likes to jump in front of the camera}

These next three pics make me laugh.

This happens at least once a day at our house.

But I know they really do love each other.

Later that afternoon we went to my parents to have Christmas with my Dads family.

We were a little late but it's really hard to be two places at once.

I wish we had an extra day of Christmas that way we could spend more time with family and wouldn't have to rush to each house.

We have a chinese gift exchange and then the kids exchange gifts.

We always have fun time.

During the middle of our chinese gift exchange this little girl decided to play on the gifts.

We had a lot of fun this year but we were missing one special lady.


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