Tuesday, January 10, 2012

15 months

Ace Brady is 15 months.

Since I am not doing the monthly post of Ace any more I thought it would still be fun to keep track of him.

So, I am hoping to post every couple of months and try and keep track of the new fun stuff he is doing.

It feel likes yesterday we celebrated his 1st Birthday!

Well, on December 28 our Ace Brady turn 15 months.

And he has changed so much.

Ace now weighs 21 lbs.

He is still wearing size 3 diapers.

And we are in mostly 12 months clothes.

He has eight teeth and I think more are trying to come in.

As of today he can say:
Bye-Bye (he says this so clear)
Thank You

Ace can wave bye-bye.

He still signs more.

He can make a hand gesture when I say something is hot.

He will have his little hand back and forth.

If we ask him a question and he doesn't know or if something is gone this is what he does.

He is still taking a bottle at night only and I am sad to report that we still get up at lease twice a night for a bottle.

His paci is still his best friend.

My goal is to have the bottle and paci gone by the time he is two.

So, two will be the cut off for the bottle and paci or earlier if he decides he doesn't want them.

He only likes to drink out of sippy cups that have handles.

He refuses to use one with out handles.

He hates drinking cold things.

So, we still warm his milk and keep his juice at room temp.

I know a little high maintenance but whatever works.

We still have our bed time routine.

We still make a pallet on the floor with his pillow pet and he drinks his bottle and falls asleep there and then we move him to his bed.

He likes to read his books and really loves the touch and feel ones.

He is a great eater and prefers to feed himself. 

He keeps us very busy and makes us laugh every day.

Happy 15 months Ace Brady!


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