Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weekend Recap

Not a whole lot going on this weekend but it was nice.

Friday when I got home from work we changed into our jammies and went to my Moms.

We ate supper with her and finished my mantle or I should say she finished my mantle.

My mantle looks great because of her. No telling what it would look like if I did it by myself.

Saturday, I got up and cleaned the house.  It was time and five days later you can't even tell. Ha!   One day I will realized that I can't always have a spotless house. 

When I got done we went to lunch with Heather and then ran a few errands around town.

Saturday, night we went to a Birthday Party.

Here we are with the Birthday girl.

We stayed as long as we could.  The weather ended up turning cold real quick and we decided to head home.

Sunday, was a very lazy day for me and I enjoyed it. Didn't leave the house all day! 

Love Sunday's like that!


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