Friday, December 2, 2011


Happy Friday!

Lots of randomness going on today.

Yay for December!   I love the Holidays and can’t believe this year is nearly over!

We have already started wearing all of our Christmas shirts.

We actually started wearing them the day after Thanksgiving. I love a cute Christmas shirt!

The Christmas shirts we made for Aydrie still fit her this year, so she has lots she can wear.

I snapped this picture of my plate last Thursday...lots of yummy food we had.

My new favorite store these days is Crazy 8.

They have such cute stuff and at great prices too. 

I was so happy when I found two stores last weekend.

I have been ordering stuff on line because I had no idea there were stores by me.

I will continue to order stuff online...because online shopping is so much easier these days but at least if I have to return something I don't have to mail it back.

I got Ace these cute shoes for 3.99!! 

Last weekend while we were eating at the Rainforest Cafe the kids got balloon animals.

They lasted longer then we were expecting. Ha!

While we were shopping last weekend these two had fun with the 3D glasses at Old Navy.

This is what my car looked like on the way home last Sunday.

We had it packed...can you see Aydrie?

Aydrie Rose looking cute on day before school.

Her surgery is scheduled for next Thrusday.

I am hoping she does well.

Heather and Austin went to the Christmas parade last night. 

We stayed home with Ace and Aydrie. 

It was cool and I didn't want to risk Aydrie catching a cold or something before her surgery.

We absolutely have to get this surgery done before the end of the year.

So, I decided to try and make a mesh wreath.

I have seen so many on the internet but the price for some of them is crazy.

I would never spend that much on a wreath.

I have made a couple of trips to Hobby Lobby this week to get supplies. 

So far my wreath is turning out really good and I haven't spent that much at all. I love when Hobby Lobby has everything I need 50% off!

I will share once I am done.

Have a great weekend!

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Jodi@ said...

cute kids!! I used to shop crazy8 online b/4 my niece out grew them! I have no clue if they were around when my daughter was younger...

praying for your daughter's surgery to be successful!

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