Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After

I hope you all had a great Christmas weekend!

We spent the day cleaning up and making room for all our new goodies.

Santa brought lots of goodies and after we woke up yesterday morning and had our Christmas my living room was a mess.

I love Christmas time but I do not enjoy having to clean up and making room for everything.

It took everything for me not to pick up before we left for the day yesterday!

So, today I spent the day organizing and putting all our gifts up.

Our kids our just a little spoiled and got lots of stuff.

We got all their stuff put up and also got their new TV's set up.

Austin and Aydrie spent the day enjoying their new things and TV's. 

Aydrie loves her new TV.

She doesn't know what to think...she had a 13 inch before so this TV is huge compared to her other one.

They have had a very lazy day.

I now have my living room back and I am not looking forward to having to put all my Christmas stuff up.

This little one has been asleep since 7:45 and I am hoping he sleeps all night.

But I am sure I will not be that lucky...ha!


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