Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Monday!

Happy Monday!

Gosh this weekend just flew by but that is okay because it is a short week for me, Thanksgiving on Thursday, followed by a long fun weekend of shopping with my mom and sister.

I hope Aunt Jaye is ready for us!

Saturday, I received a text from Heather at 7:30 am telling me she was going to run and do some shopping.  She had to be home by 12:00 so she was gong to get up and go and I had an hour to get ready.

I had just got finished given Ace a bottle and he was going back to sleep. (Yes, Ace is one and still takes a bottle...don't judge. Ha!)  I thought really hard about laying back down with him but decided to get up and go with Heather.

I don't know how I managed but I got us all ready in an hour.

That was the first time that has happened. 

(I hate how my flash on my phone makes their eyes glow all the time.)

Heather got to my house with Starbucks in hand...which was much needed.

We made our way to Target and actually did some Christmas shopping and we may have bought some things for us too. Ha! 

I found a cute jacket that I so wished I had gotten.  I think Heather ended up getting her I am def. going to have to go back and get it.

These two were very good while we were shopping.

Ace was being so loud.  He "talks" so much.

Heather swears he can say her name.  I think he just does it on accident. LOL

We did so good on time we actually made it back to my house before 12:00.

I spent the afternoon at my parents painting my mantle my dad finished in 2 days!!

It looks so good. I can't wait to get it in my house!

Austin spent sometime with my dad going through some stuff in the barn.  My Dad is trying to make more room in his work shop and was cleaning some stuff out.

Austin had fun going through and looking at all the stuff. 

His great grandfather was a very organized person and labeled all these cabinets so he could keep up with all his stuff.

I thought it was so neat to see his handwriting and they way he kept all his stuff. I really don't remember seeing this kind of stuff when he was alive but then again I probably wasn't paying attention.

We had fun opening the labeled drawers and finding the stuff inside.

He past away nearly 10 years ago and all his stuff is still in his drawers. 

He had a drawer for everything from fishing...light bulbs...gardening wash....tractor....wire....paint brushes....sand paper...I could go on in on.  Ha!

I wish I would have gotten a picture of his canning cabinet...with all his jars he used for his canning.  I will have to snap a picture of it next time I am there before they clean it out.

We had a very fun, busy, and productive day!


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