Friday, October 7, 2011


Yay it's FRIDAY!!

And we are so glad we have a three day weekend!!

I really need to stop taking so many pics on my camera.  I was cleaning up my computer last week and I barely use my good camera anymore. All of the pics I was uploading to save were from my iphone.

Have you ever ordered from Zuilly??

I placed my first order a couple of weeks ago and got the package in the mail last Saturday.  I was so happy...because the shoes I had ordered went perfect with Aydrie outfit she wore last weekend.

These shoes are so cute!

She wore the red ones last weekend and the black pair to school this week.  The only bad thing about ordering from them is that it takes forever to get your order.

Speaking of cute shoes...Ace got some TOMS for his birthday.

These shoes are so cute!

Ace is loving all his new toys and the other night he was trying to figure out this toy.  It is so fun to watch him.

He is liking this toy and finally figured out how to push the button so it will sing and then he will dance with it.

We went out to eat Wednesday and I was craving fajitas. So, I skipped the Wednesday night special and got some.

They were as good as they look!

Last week this little boy started climbing on his bumbo.  He even climbed in it all by himself and set down.  Then he tried this trick.

 I have a feeling this little boy is going to keep us busy all the time.

Last week I told you we were making Aydrie a shirt to wear to Ace's birthday party. is a close up of it.  I think it tunred out great!

Have a good weekend!

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Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

Baby Toms?? Be still my heart!! I just got my first pair of Toms a few weeks back and I pretty much LOVE them!!

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