Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

How was your Labor Day??

We had a great Labor Day weekend followed by a nice Labor Day Monday.  I will share our weekend later this week.

Yesterday, we all slept a little late and woke up to perfect weather in the 70's! It was so nice and I think the high was like 85.  

The nice weather has got me even more ready for the fall.

Adam's moms birthday was Saturday so we got together yesterday to celebrate her birthday.

We enjoyed the nice weather and took full advantage of it by spending the day outside.

This little boy thought he was a big boy walking around outside.

I can't believe he is turning one at the end of this month!

We had some yummy food followed by some yummy cake.

Austin and Jayden helped my SIL make these cakes and they were so proud of them.

The cake was very good.

I do have to say that I have ate so much this last week I am sure I have gained a pound of two!  I am ready to get back to my regular routine.

We despertly need rain around here.

There were four fires that broke out around here this past weekend and luckly there has not been any structure damage...just fields burning.

It is so dry around here and we had very high winds the past two days which is no good.

Some houses did come very close to burning in the fire yesterday...so scary! 

Please send us some rain.  Our grass is brown, my flowers are dead and some of our bushes are dying!

We all need rain bad!


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