Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Randoms

~Heather's Randoms~

Ok, so i'm joining Court again for "Friday Randoms." I don't have an instagram app on my phone, but I'm posting anyways.

My sis gave me this ADORABLE necklace for my bday, and I absolutely love it!

Jared and Nellie enjoyed their first Dove hunt of the season. She looks SO happy! This dog lives for bird hunting!

A good friend, Kelsey, sent me this amazing "Teacher Survival Kit" for the first day of school. It has been my life saver at the end of each day!

It was full of goodies to help me survive, and sweet little notes tied to each one! Seriously made my day.... and I am still munching on all of the goodies! Thanks KELS! You are awesome!

~Courtney's Randoms~

So, I was off all last week and went back to work on Tuesday sick!  That is my luck but I am starting to feel better just in time for the weekend.  Since,  I haven't been feeling well this week I have lot of laundry to do this stuff!

Monday night we went to Heather's house and took some pics of Ace for his invites for his party. They turned out so cute!  We are going to take the rest of his 1st bday pics in a couple of weeks.  She has some good spots at her house and I am hoping she will let me do the kids fall pictures out there too.

Austin is officially in band.  He got his instrument on Tuesday and he was so on the other hand...I couldn't believe how much it cost.  He is playing the Trombone.  I am sure once he learns how to play it will we be hearing him a lot.

Don't let this picture fool you, I am really surprised these two are so close to each other and one of them is not crying. Every time Ace gets around Aydrie she will pull him down or take what ever he has and Ace will cry and then Aydrie will cry and sometimes she just laughs.  Ha!  She wants everything that Ace has.  I am hoping they get along one day.

These are my pretty flowers that we picked from some of our Grandma's flowers. It's has been nice getting up in the morning and seeing her pretty flowers.

Some little boy decided he was done sitting in the high chair and did this!  Adam had just got done feeding him and he called me to come and look at him and of course I had to get a pic and then tell him that is a no no!

Last week Heather and I treated our selves to a pedi and it was so nice. I was way over do for a pedi! Now my toes are nice and pretty!  I should have taken a picture of my toes after they were done...I got a super cute paisley design.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Jeannett said...

pedicures are like that quintessential mommy luxury. there's just something about having your feet prettied up while you relax and rea a magazine while a chair massages you. i don't do it on a regular basis but i do try to sneak one in every once in a while. :) thanks for linking up!

The Morris Family said...

Love your week in pics!!!!

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