Thursday, September 8, 2011

Family Packed Weekend

This past weekend was great and the weather wasn't that bad either. I think we have finally seen the last of 100 plus temps...or at least I hope so.

We had family come in from out of town and we got together both Friday and Saturday night for dinner.

They haven't been to visit in about five years so a visit was defiantly needed. 

This was also the first time to meet our cousins family. There was lots of play time between all of the kids.

This picture make me laugh.  This is Ace meeting his two cousins for the first time.  They acted like they had known each other forever...even though they just meet.  And they were even sharing their drinks...see below Brady has two cups. Ha! 

{Bonding over gold fish.}

We also celebrated Heather's Birthday on Friday. 

The weather was so nice this weekend we enjoyed sitting outside and visiting.

Aydrie loves to be outside!  She has gotten really bad at waiting by the door and crying when someone goes outside.

Most of the time she gets her way and someone will take her outside so she can sit or walk around...what ever makes her happy!


Saturday, Heather and I went and did a little shopping and picked up a couple of things for our fall wardrobe. 

Then we went and had more family time.

Jenna was so happy to see Aydrie. 

She really didn't understand why Aydrie couldn't talk so Heather kind of explained it to her...that she just learned to walk and we were all hoping she would talk one day and she was like oh ok and it didn't really phase her.

She kept call Aydrie "my girl".  Jenna is so sweet and times like that makes me wish Aydrie was able to talk and communicate with us. :(

We all enjoyed their visit and hope they come back to visit again real soon!


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