Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weekend Fun

Our weekend started out with our little Ace running fever.  He was up a lot Friday night and at 2:30 in the morning he got up and didn't want to go back to sleep. Luckily, after being awake for about an hour he fell back to sleep.  It was a long night!

Adam took him to the doctor Monday and he has an ear infection...we are now on meds and he is doing better.

Saturday, he woke up still running a bit of fever but acted like he was feeling a little better.  We had to go and finish or should I say start our school shopping.  We ended up spending most of the day shopping and getting all of our school stuff.

We got lucky and we got everything we needed including Austin's band stuff. Austin will be in band next year and has been bugging us all summer to buy his stuff he needed for band.  We finally bought it Saturday and he was so happy.  The next thing we have to do is get his instrument. 

I can't believe school is starting Monday!

It was in the 80's all day Saturday so we took advantage and had a late lunch in downtown Dallas.   We never go down there and we were going to go to El Fenix but decided to drive downtown and ate at TGI Fridays and sat outside. 

Austin was terrified of the guy selling flowers on the side of the street.  Ha! And I have to admit I kind of was too.

We were sure to leave the restaurant when the flower guy had stopped some other poor people. 

The rest of the night I sat with this little boy and just played.

The shirt he has on in these pics is the one he wore here.  I have not idea how it still fits him??? It must run really big.  We just cut the sleeves off and use it as a sleeper.  I just love this shirt and think it is time we make some more!

Sunday, was a kind of sad for me.  I finally packed up Ace's Little Lamb seat, his walker (that we didn't even use), and his little bounce toy.  But then again it kind of feels good...because I got my living room back. It is no longer full of baby things. 

We still have his pack-n-play in the living room only because we still put him in that when we need to get things done.  Ace is all over the house these days so some times he has to stay in it. He really doesn't like it but we manage.

After, my sad morning we decided to take Austin and Aydrie swimming. 

This is what Ace did while they were swimming.  Poor little boy he didn't get to go swimming this weekend.  But he did get to have his first taste of ice cream.

Hope you had a good weekend!


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