Tuesday, August 16, 2011

South Padre Part 2

Hey...there hope your weekend was good.

If you missed South Padre Part 1 you can read about it here.

The whole way down to South Padre all we heard about was Tropical Storm Dan. At one point we were kind of thinking maybe we should just cancel and go back home.  But with us not being able to get a refund on the house…that really didn’t make since plus we were already halfway there.

I am really glad we went because Tropical Storm Dan only brought a little rain. The storm made it to shore late Friday afternoon and then kind of disappeared.

So, Friday we decided to head to the beach even though it was cloudy.  We weren’t for sure if we would be able to go Saturday.

The beach was not crowded at all and the waves were huge.

So, we had a cloudy day at the beach but it was still fun.

Saturday, we woke up and the sun was shining.  We should have saved our beach day for Saturday but we had no idea what the weather was going to do.

We enjoyed sleeping in, eating out, riding go-carts, and doing some souvenir shopping on our last day. Ace’s sleeping schedule was all messed up so we enjoyed a nap or two.

We all had a great time…is it too early to start planning for next year??


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