Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School

So, yesterday was our first day of school and this momma was an emotional wreck all day long!

It all started Sunday night when I was laying in bed thinking it felt like yesterday we were bringing Ace home from the hospital and now here we are planning his first birthday party and on top of that  a new school year is already here. 

I kind of feel like the world around me is just going by so fast and here I am still thinking/wishing I had a newborn.  Okay, if that sounds crazy...I promise I am not crazy!  I am just a mom who wishes her kids would stop growing so fast!  With that said I hope I am not the only crazy momma out there.

Austin is now a sixth grader and Aydrie is starting 1st grade at a new school with all new teachers!

I got up extra early yesterday so make sure I had plenty of time to get everyone and everything ready. I wanted us to have a good morning.

So, no more hitting snooze on my alarm clock like 10 times.  Those days are over...until next summer.

After I made lunches and nearly trip over this little boy a couple of times we were out the door.

Austin was fine and just wanted to be dropped off.

So, he was the easy one.

Aydrie on the other hand…it was really hard leaving her.

It kills me to know that when she gets home from school she will not be able to tell me how her day went.

Adam and I both took her in and at first Aydrie wasn’t wanting to let go of Adam. It took her a minute. 

And it really didn’t help when on of the little boys in her class nearly knocked her over.

He was just trying to tell her hello.

After we got over the shock of that another teacher took Aydrie over to a desk and started a puzzle with her and she was happy and smiling.

At that point Adam and I decided to leave.

It was hard and I had myself a good cry on the way to work.

But we made it through the first day.

I hope all of you had a great first day back to school/work!

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