Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beach Pics

I promise...this is it. I have been meaning to post these for weeks and I am just now getting to it.

On our last day at the beach we took some beach pictures.

Heather and Jared's pics turned out perfect!

We took a couple of shots and they were done.

Us on the other hand...it was easy to get the indivdual pics.

Getting all three of them....we were doing good.

Then it was time for our family pic and we got a lot of this.

I love Austin's face in this pic. 

Ace is at the stage were he grabs anything and everything.

Luckly out of the 50 plus pis that we took together we got some that turned out good.

It was really hard to get one that everyone was looking...oh well I think these are perfect!

Me and my pretty sister.

I am happy with the pics we got and I have already ordered some prints.


Linda Z said...

These are gorgeous!! I love the beachy color scheme!! :)

April said...

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