Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nine Months

Ace you turned nine months on June 28th!

You are still wearing size three diapers and weight about 20 lbs.

You are now wearing 6-9 months clothes and you can still fit in to a few 3-6 months.

You are eating 7-8 ounces of formula or 4 ounces with your baby food.

You now have two teeth and it looks like you are now getting a top one too.

You are getting into everything these days and you love to pull up on everything and stand up.

We just bought you a walker the other day but you are to short for it...you can barely touch the ground in it.  But when you are in there you seem to like it and will move it in on accident. 

We have moved up to stage three fruits baby food.

You now love the Gerber PUFFS and whenever we sit down to eat you get to snack on your Puffs to keep you entertained long enough for us to eat.

You are getting your first tasted of table foods and so far you have had a tiny bit of crackers, french fries, dinner rolls and watermelon.  I give you the tiniest bits and you act like you got a month full and are really eating a lot.  You love it!


You have turned into a big mommy’s boy and I secretly love it!

Happy Nine Months!!



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