Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Not much going on this weekend at all.  

We got up Saturday and took Aydrie to get her hair cut.  This was her first time getting her hair cut.  Heather and I have always just trimmed her ends.

I decided it was time to take her to a professional and get her ends trimmed.  She got four inches cut off.  She wasn't to sure about it.  She cried a little bit and was so happy when she was done.

She has such thick hair that it is so much easier to keep her hair long.

Sunday, we went to Adam's parents to cook out and swim. 

Aydrie loves being outside....she was so funny Sunday.  She stood at the back door and just cried wanting to go outside.  Then when she was outside she would cry because she wanted in the water. 

So, she got to swim and stay outside most of the day on Sunday.  We pretty much just let her do what ever she wants. She loves the water and loves to swim.  The simpliest things make her so happy!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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