Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Weekend

We had another great weekend.  They come and go way too fast!!

Friday, Austin hung out with Heather all night and we got to hang out with Adam and my brother at the "meat house".  They were cooking some BBQ for someone and had to finish it up on Friday.

We then came home and I set in front of my TV the rest of the night and watched the Royal wedding. 

Saturday,  we hung around the house all day. Heather and I were so tempted to go buy us a new outfit to wear to the Harley giveaway but we did good and decided to shop in our closets instead. 

These two always make me laugh. 

I spent most of my day chasing this little boy around the house.  He is all over the place these days!

So, it was nice to get away for a few hours Saturday night...thanks to Adam's parents!

I took my camera with me Saturday night and it stayed in my purse the entire time.  So, I didn't get one single pic of our fun night out.  We all had a good time with family and friends! I have got to do a better job next time!

Sunday, afternoon we headed to Adams parents. A cold front came through the night before but we didn't know it until we stepped out of the house in our shorts and sandals.  We had a great Sunday but had to stay inside all day because of the weather. 

While we were all inside Adam was doing this...who would have thought come May 1st you would need to wear a hoodie out.  Crazy Texas weather!  It was in the 50's all day.

We ended our Sunday with some ice cream.

Hope you had a good one!

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