Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday! We are so excited about our three day weekend!

Me and Aydrie got shoe happy this past weekend!! I bought my first pair of YELLOWBOX flip flops!! I was like a little kid and put them on right when we got in the car.  Heather and my SIL have a pair, so I finally broke down and got me a pair.  I, of course, had to get the zebra ones! They are so comfortable. I love them!

I was also so happy when I found these again in Aydrie’s size. I have bought her the same pair for 3 summers now. They match so well with a lot of her clothes.

Ace hates being left by himself and will just cry and cry if he is not right by you. So....this week he has been here while me and Adam are in the kitchen. We are close by so he is safe sitting up there. He will just sit there and talk to us and is as happy as can be.

It is very hard to let him cry...just look at that sweet face.

This week, Austin had etiquette day at school and he had to get all dressed up. They had a sit down dinner, with all the courses and everything, and they got a grade for it...Austin thinks he got a good one. He looked so good!

We told you about the outfit we made for Lillie Monday and said we would show you the finished project.  Well, here it is.  Our mom hand stitched around the looks so good! Can't wait to see her cute Ruffle Butt tomorrow!

While I was visiting Lillie this week, I was snapping some pictures of her and caught this sweet little smile. She is just a doll!

Heather and I wanted to give you a sneak peak of another project we are working on.  We will tell you more about it soon.

Heather had this cute dress made by a co-worker. She can't wait to wear it!  It is too cute!

It's Polka Weekend, so we will be busy busy all weekend long!

Hope you have a great weekend!



Stephanie Smith said...

Are you talking about the Polka festival in Ennis? I work over in Waxahachie, and I have been hearing a lot about it.

Courtney and Heather said...

Hi Stephanie...yes, that would be it!

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