Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Weekend with Kenny

We had such an amazing time at the Kenny Chesney concert this weekend. I am actually a little sad that it is over and I have to wait until next year to see him again.

If you are a fan of Kenny, but have never seen him in concert, you just HAVE to go and see him. He puts on such a great show and makes it worth EVERY penny.

Court ran into her SIL, April.

We got to the stadium around 1:30 and had a good time tailgaiting. Our Aunt Jaye, and cousins Jayme and Tiffany joined in on the fun with us!

About 4:00 we went inside to find our seats. We were WAY up high.

Remember when we told you about the big screen at Cowboys Stadium, and all of the bragging we did?

Well.... we were very disappointed because they did not turn the big screen on during the show, this was all we got to see between acts.

But, it was turned on for about the last 15 minutes and I enjoyed getting some good pics of Kenny. The big screen was AMAZING!

The roof was even opened up right before Kenny came on stage. The weather was perfect.

If you look REALLY close you can see the stage WAY DOWN THERE. This picture really gives you an idea of how big the screen is!

Kenny and Zac Brown

How could you NOT love him?

We have already decided to make it a tradition and go see him each time he is here! We can hardly stand the wait.

We love us some KENNY CHESNEY!!

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