Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Randoms

It’s Friday!!

That means we are one day closer to seeing this guy!! We are all excited, and I am thankful Adam is going to keep my babies all day while I go to the concert. I am going to owe him…ha!

Like I said last week, Heather is in LOVE with Kenny Chesney. In 2009, she got tickets to his Dallas make-up concert and was probably as close as she will ever get to him. This is her actual picture. We will not be this close tomorrow, but we will have the big screen at Cowboys Stadium and should be able to see Kenny just fine. 

If you don't already know about the video screen at Cowboys Stadium.... it's the largest high-definition video screen in the world! Measuring 160 feet wide and 72 feet tall! We can't wait to see Kenny on there.

Heather also wanted me to tell you about her love for the Texas Rangers. She is a big fan and plans her whole day around watching, unless it's a day game of course. After almost losing her new Ranger's shirt last weekend and being so thankful to have it back, she decided to return it and has ordered this shirt. It's back ordered until the end of April, but hopefully she will have it soon. 

It really is true... her heart belongs to the Rangers... and Kenny.... and Jared, of course!

This little girl has decided she would try and walk at home this week.  She walked from our front door to the couch. Took a little break and then walked to her room. She is a mess!

She also took off Sunday while we were outside enjoying the pretty weather.

This week mom and Heather came over to get our craft on. We are making something for Lillie that we will share later. We can’t believe she will be here next month!!

Austin got a new phone for his birthday and he is loving it!  He also got an itunes gift card and has gotten to download some apps so he always has his phone close by.  I wonder who he takes after???

Heathers TV Stand Do-Over was featured on Sassy Sites. I love this and hope that one day she will help me do something like this!

Have a great weekend!!


Tricia Nae said...

just found y'alls blog and i love it!! im a texas girl too (just down the mansfield). y'all are going to have a blast this of the last times i saw kenny chesney...he was at the OLD cowboys stadium!!

Amber said...

Kenny came to Tarleton when I was in college & I followed him across a parking lot when he was going to work out that day...long story, but I've never felt so stalkerish!! lol

I found this tutorial this morning..& thought you'd (Courtney) enjoy it! You can make your OWN camera bag!!

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