Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is here!

I love spring time and everything that comes with it...longer days, warmer weather, short, sandals, and family cook outs!

This weekend we kick off SPRING with two family cook-outs!

Saturday, Adam had to work so we stayed at home most of the day and had another LAZY day.  I sure could get used to these LAZY days! My dad ended up calling us to let us know he was cooking hamburgers and hot dogs.  So, that got us all excited!  So, when Adam got home from work we went to my parents to eat.

Did you watch the super moon on Saturday??   We did....that was one reason my dad wanted to cookout.  We had a nice supper outside waiting for the super moon followed by some yummy dessert....strawberry shortcake...oh so good!

Aydrie would rather push her stroller around then sit in it.  She pushed this stroller for a long time until I made her stop.  I had to make her stop because she was getting tired and started falling down.  She had so much fun.

Sunday, we got up and went to Adams parents for another cookout. We had some more yummy food and got to sit outside and enjoy the pretty weather. 

Aydrie had so much fun in this wagon.  She loves being outside.

When we got home on Sunday this little one decided he would start scooting across the floor.  He can only go backwards right now. 

He started like this.

And ended up here.

I think we may be in trouble.

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