Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our weekend....

We started the weekend out with Mexican food!  We went out to eat Friday night to the local Mexican food restaurant and it was good.  We all enjoyed our dinner and afterwards headed home. 

Saturday Austin had a UIL meet at 10:00 so me and him got dressed and went to that.  He competed in 5th grade Art.

His team got fourth place.  He was a little disappointed he didn’t place individually but we are so proud of him. He has done UIL before but at those meets it was just his school so this was his first meet that actually had other school districts attend. 

I think he was a little nervous this time but he still did great. After his meet we went and pick up something to eat and headed home for the day.

The rest of our Saturday afternoon was spent at home.  It was cool and cloudy most of the day so it was a semi lazy day for us. 

This little boy is loving getting down on the floor and playing.  He set up with support for the first time Saturday.

He is looking so big!

Sunday I had planned to stay at home and not do anything but Heather called and wanted to go shopping.  So, me, Heather, Ace and little Miss enjoyed our Sunday hanging out and shopping.

Heather and I ended up finding some good deals and bought a few new pieces for spring. We made a trip to Ross and got some really good deals on some tops. 

We ended up getting some of the same stuff so if you read our blog and see our weekly “What I Wore Wednesday” post…this is a warning…you will see us in some of the same tops.  I am really bad about getting the exact same thing she gets.  She always gets cute stuff so I will usually pick up the same thing in my size. 

After Ross we headed to El Fenix and had lunch…Mexican food again.  I love me some Mexican food!

After we got our tummies very full we headed to the mall to see what else we could find.  I had a gift card to Bath and Body Works so we hit up that store and we left with some lovely fragrances. I came home with Dark Kiss and Forever Sunshine...both smell so good !  I LOVE going shopping when I have gift cards!! 

I have been on the hunt for some nice work pants.  I can never find pants that fit me right.  I have gotten kind of lazy when it comes to wearing heels to work so most of the pants I have now are too long to wear with flats and sandals.  My works is business casual so I have started to dress business casual and have retired my heels!

Well, Sunday we went to New York and Company and I found some pants that fit me perfectly!  They are the NOTCH-BACK EMPIRE CHINO pant.

This was my FAVORITE purchase of the day!

Our weekend ended with a visit from April and Jayden.

So, we were entertained by Jayden for a little while. 

I am so glad it is finally Thursday.  I am off next week for SPRING BREAK and look forward to my week off.  We are still debating on what to do but hope to get away for a few days.

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