Friday, March 25, 2011


As you know yesterday was this little girls BIRTHDAY!

Her "Happy Birthdays" started right when she got up till she went to sleep last night.

Her friends at school celebrated her birthday with this awesome cake.  They are the best!  She has been there since she was three and this is her last year there.  We are really going to miss them.

One of them even sent home this little goodie and I can't wait to hang it in her room.  I already have a spot picked out for it. Love it!

Last night we had cake and pizza at Adam's mom and dads and she loved it.  Adam's mom made her a strawberry cake with pink icing.  She enjoyed eating her pizza and cake and she even got a couple of goodies.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes for Aydrie Rose!

She is a lucky little girl because she will do all over again with my family.

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