Friday, March 4, 2011

Aydrie Sick....NO FUN!!

This past Wednesday I had to stay home with little Miss.  Last Sunday she started feeling bad and was running fever off and on all day.  Monday she woke up with no fever feeling okay.  Then Tuesday she was woke up with more we decided to call the doctor and get her in.  

Adam took her to the doctor and this poor little girl got sick while waiting to see the both her and Adam had to run home and change. Poor Adam....he called me after she got sick and was so worried about her. He has the weakest stomach ever so I am not sure how it managed getting her cleaned up and stuff but he did....he is the best daddy!  So, they finally made it back to the doctor and they got to go back right away.

We found out that this poor girl has strep throat.  Poor girl she was just miserable.  And now that Adam and I think about it...she was having trouble drinking and eating but we thought she had lost her appetite because she wasn't feeling well.

So, this little girl got to hang out with her momma all day on Wednesday.  She played in her room, got to have one on one time with me (like the old days) and got to watch her Nemo and Dora. 

She has got to eat lots of jello and pudding this week and she loves it! We got two doses of her medicine in her Tuesday so Wednesday when she woke up we could tell she was feeling a little better.

It is so hard to know when she is not feeling well since she is non-verbal. She is not able to tell us when she is not feeling well or what hurts.  She pretty much communicates with us by crying, laughing, or making noises....just like a baby would do.  So, some times its hard to read her.

So, when we found out she had strep throat we felt so bad for her. I hate seeing my kiddies sick! We are so glad she is starting to feel better!

Happy Friday!!!


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