Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunny Weekend

This past weekend was GREAT.  The weather was so nice and the sun was shining.  I am so in the mood for spring and summer now.  I love spring time and love love love summer time.
Austin started his weekend out with a school dance.  His school has so many dances.  He was quite upset that this one was 30 minutes shorter than the others they have had. And he HAD to be there right when it started. He is too funny.

While he was at the dance the rest of us went out to eat Mexican food. My FAV. We haven't been to this local Mexican food restaurant in forever so we thought it was about time we go.  We have been known to eat there every weekend. It was so good. The only bad thing was the wait.  The one time we decide to go there...there would be a party or 20 and 16 in front of us.  We decided to wait it out and it only ended up being a 30 minute wait but it was worth it. Aydrie and Ace were very good and little miss enjoyed her cheese quesadilla. After we ate we went and picked Austin up from his dance and called it a night.

Saturday the sun was out and it was such a pretty day.  Adam had to work so we ended up going to my moms for the day. We had to get out of the house and enjoy the pretty weather.  We went to my moms and she made us a very good lunch.

She also helped me make cake balls.  Austin was so nice and volunteered me to make cake balls for his school on Monday. I told him next to he needs to be sure and ask me before he just volunteers me. LOL For some reason those cake balls were giving us so much trouble but we did end up finishing them and they were so good. We made a lot and had some left over that we will be able to enjoy at home this week. 

In between us having lunch and making cake balls we also got to go outside and enjoy the weather. Poor Aydrie girl hung out at the back door most of the day just looking out. So, she was so happy when she got to go out side.

She is such a sweet heart. She was so HAPPY sitting there on that step.


Sunday Adam had to work once again so we stayed at home most of the day. I spent the morning picking up the house and doing laundry. Why does it always feel like I do those two things every single day! 

Later on in the afternoon we went and met Adam at his parents for a late lunch/early dinner.  Austin and Aydrie got to play out side and Aydrie was loving it. She would stand at the back door and cry wanting to go outside. Jayden was very nice and let Aydrie girl take a ride in his buzz lightyear car and she loved it!

While she was outside she was WALKING around every where.  That girl is something else.
Hope you had a great weekend!  I am crossing my fingers this is the return of nice weather around here.

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