Friday, February 4, 2011

Stir Crazy... Snow Day

I am starting to get a little crazy being at home. Don't get me wrong... I love being home and getting days off from work, but I would much rather be off on a pretty day where if I WANTED to do something I could. I am getting lots of rest and relaxation so that is a GREAT thing. If you don't know... Jared and I live out on his family land, I like to call it "The Farm." It's by no means a "farm," just lots of wide open land. We do have cows, guineas, and a rooster. Here's a view of the Farm from our front porch on this snowy morning.

Our poor dogs are FREEZING. I hate having "outside" dogs and will NEVER have anymore. I feel so bad for my babies.

The Guinea house.

Normally out here on the farm, if the wind just BARELY blows we loose power. I am SO THANKFUL that we have not lost power throughout this nasty weather. 

The house we live in is Jared's Great Grandparents. I love our little farm house, which is probably around 100 years old. It's in great shape for being so old.  

I can't help but want to eat ALL DAY when I'm cooped up in the house... this morning it was blueberry muffins and coffee for breakfast.

I've got some chicken in the crock pot for some yummy Chicken Tortilla Soup. I'll share that recipe in a later post because it is SO yummy and EASY.

Today, Jared is getting to have a snow day with me. He usually works no matter what the weather is, but today was an exception. We are about to watch "The Social Network" and try to stay warm.

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