Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pajama Day

We woke up to rain, sleet and ice this morning and it has been bitter cold all day long. Who knew a little of this could cause so much trouble???

We got more rain and sleet than snow and the roads were really bad this am. The roads were iced over and not even worth trying to travel on. 

My dad is the type of person that goes to work rain, snow or shine. So, when I got a text from him at 5:30 this am telling me he was turning around and going back home because of the roads and telling me not to go to work...I knew it was BAD!  At the time I had no idea my office would close down.

Austin and Aydrie didn't have school and my office ended up closing for the day.  So, we stayed home and tried to keep warm. 

Today we got up ate breakfest and changed into a clean pair of jammies (and a bow) and hung out all day at home.  Adam works here in town so he made his way to work this am and I got to stay at home and hang out with these three all day long!

Me and Austin figured out how to work the self timer on my camera. So, we had fun trying to get a good shot of all four of us. Here Austin was testing out our shot making sure we had a good one.

Today I tried to get caught up on my laundry, so I have been washing and washing and washing some more.  I am nearly caught up.  Between us three and Ace's multiple outfit changes a day we have a ton of laundry.  It was so easy when I wasn't working to stay on top of it but with me working all I want to do when I get home is spend time with my four A's...so lets just say I don't do much laundry during the week.

On the other hand Austin and Aydrie enjoyed their day off. Miss Aydrie enjoyed watching her Dora, playing, and shopping all day long.

This little girl loves her shopping cart.  She played with it all day!  She even makes sure she has it close by when she is watching Dora.

And yes I did put socks on this little girl but she would not keep them on.

Austin enjoyed his day off too.

Baby Ace enjoyed his day doing what he does best!


We all enjoyed our day but it would have been so much better if Adam got to stay at home too.

My dad text me around 4:00 to let me know he did a "road check" and didn't get far and said the roads were still bad and he is not sure how they will be in the morning but he would let me know.  Gotta love him!

I don't think we have gotten out of the teens all day long and it is supposed to be like 8 degrees tonight. We just found out Austin and Aydrie don't have school tomorrow and my office doesn't open until 10 am.  So, I am going to wait around tomorrow morning and see what my dad thinks before I venture out.


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Courtney and Heather said...

I'm stuck out here on the farm, wishing I could come and hang out with you guys. I'm sure your house is much warmer than mine! Too bad we didn't prepare some crafts for this Ice Day. :)


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