Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pajama Day Take 2

Today we all got another ice day.  My office opened at 10 a.m. but the roads were still bad and I didn't want to take my chances so I stayed at home. I am hoping I can make it in tomorrow.  They are calling for snow Thursday night so I am going to try and make it in tomorrow just incase some thing happens on Thursday night into Friday.

So, today we did basically the same thing...hung out at home and tried to keep warm.  We got up once again and ate breakfast and put on a clean pair of jammies.

I spent my day doing this and I am proud to say all my laundry is done! 

The only dirty clothes in my house are the ones on our back...and that does not happen to often. Ice days are good for something.

Today we lounged around the house, played, and had a picnic in the living room.

This little boy had fun playing and knocked himself in the head with one of his toys and wasn't to happy about that. 

We had a couple of visitors today...I think everyone is getting cabin fever.  We however did not step foot outside.  Austin and Aydrie are out of school again tomorrow. Thankfully my sister is coming over tomorrow morning to watch my sweeties so they don't have to get out in this crazy freezing weather.

I'm off to my closet now to see how many layers I can manage to put on tomorrow with out looking crazy.  The thought of stepping outside in the morning makes my bones hurt.  We shall see. 


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