Thursday, February 24, 2011

My First Cereal

This baby boy loves his cereal!!

When he turned four months we got the okay to start cereal. With my other two I think I fed them cereal a lot earlier than four months but with Ace we are taking it nice and slow and trying to do every thing by the “books”. 

This momma doesn’t want her baby to grow up too fast!  I know there is no way to slow it down but this is my last baby so I want to enjoy the “baby” stage as long as I can. So, we have decided to follow the doctor’s schedule and start the cereal thing at four months and so on.

So, we have started eating cereal at night followed by the rest of this bottle and he loves it! At first he wasn’t to sure about it and really didn’t care for it at all. So, I had to add in some stage one fruits and he is eating it so well.

We will soon start eating it in the morning and at night and I am sure he will enjoy that. And then we will move on to  the  veggies and yummy meats…ha. I am really hoping Ace doesn’t turn into a picky eater like his older sister and brother.  

He gets so angry at me when I feed him slow. So, I have to be quick and make sure I have bite after bite ready for him. 

But I think he finally has the hang of it and is just loving it! 

Can't you tell?? He gets it every where and loves every last bite!

Today this little boy went to the doctor and he has RSV. So, tonight we started his little breathing treatments and are hoping we can kick this thing real fast!  Luckily, he is not acting like he feels bad right now...he just really congested and has a nasty nasty cough!

So, it looks like this weekend we will be staying home and trying to get this baby well

Tomorrow is Adam's birthday and his brother's birthday (yes they have the same birthday) Happy Birthday!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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