Monday, January 31, 2011

Four Month Check-Up

Ace had his four month check-up today and he is just perfect!  I decided to take the whole day off and spend some extra time with him and take him to his appointment.

So, today we got to sleep in until around 8:30 and hang around the house until it was time to go to his appointment.  Heather came over and brought lunch and visited on her lunch break.

He now weights 13 lbs and is 26in long and his head is measuring at 16 1/4 inches.  His little head is just the right size.  The doctor said he is above average in his height and below average in his weight but he is growing well. He is a long skinny boy.

We got the okay to start rice cereal so we are going to start that this week. I am ready to see how he is going to react to that. I can't believe he is four months old already and starting cereal. 

Ace had to get two shots today so when we came home he was pretty worn out and ready for a nap.  So, he took a little nap and when he woke up Austin and Aydrie were home.  Which was a treat for them because they got to come straight home after school. And of course the first thing we did was eat a snack.  I can always remember getting home from school and having a snack because I was starving...well it hasn't changed.  Austin and Aydrie do the same thing.  Austin acts like he hasn't eaten in days.

I was watching the weather tonight and the weather man said we are going to see the coldest temps we have seen in 15 years....crazy Texas weather!!  And they are calling for rain, sleet, and snow.....all this wonderful stuff is supposed to start tomorrow.  I am hoping the weather man is wrong because I don't want to stay at home another day because of the ice/snow. 

Oh, and incase you didn't know the Super Bowl is in Arlington, Texas.  That is all the news has been talking about today.  They even interrupted two of my shows today to show the teams arriving at DFW airport and getting escorted to their hotels.  I was not too happy about that.

Tonight we had a few vistors and some good dinner.  Thanks Derek and Chelsea! 


And Ace has been pretty fussy tonight so he has wanted to be held most of the night and I am taking full advantage of it.


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