Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Hog

I guess that is what you can call me. No, not really Heather can post any time she wants to and when she does I feel like I have the night off…lol.  When Heather first told me she started this blog I was like what for…what am I going to write about…who will want to read it??  Well, here we are nearly four months later and it's my new hobby. It is kind of like my daily therapy session…but way fun.  I love having something that I can document our days and what’s going on and I have plenty to write about.  Not that my life is very exciting but I do have three little ones that are very good subjects. So, I do have stuff to write about.  As far as people reading….I am not sure anyone cares what we did over the weekend or the new things Ace does but I love that one day we can look back and remember all this stuff.

I have mentioned my SIL on here several times and she has now started a blog too.  You can go and check it out here.  She is really fixing to have a lot to blog about because she is expecting a sweet little girl in May.

Tonight we ran by Adams parents to eat dinner. I rushed home to watch my Thursday shows and I was so disappointed that Greys and Private Practice were reruns.  They just started back up after Christmas and they are already reruns?? 

I snapped a picture of these three tonight with my phone (pictures aren't great)....because I couldn't do a post without a pic.  Poor Aydrie she was so tired tonight.  I could barely get J and Austin to sit for a pic.  They were to busy playing.

And J can now speak spanish!  You can click here to listen to that.  He just cracks me up!
(April...I hope you don't mind me putting that little video up.)

I am fixing to wake this little boy up to change and feed him and then off to bed we both go.


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