Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1st Sick Doctor Visit

Today, this little boy went to the doctor for his first sick visit.

I promise he doesn't feel as bad as he looks. 
Adam sent me this pic this morning while they were waiting to see the doctor.

We decided to take him just to get him checked out.  He has been really congested and has been having lots of nose issues.  One day it is kinda runny and the next he is stopped up.  Well, the doctor said he was fine....his ears looked good...his chest was clear...everything was fine.  He just has a little cold. We were told to go and get some Little Noses Saline Drops and see if that helps get his nose cleared up. 

So, tonight he has been hanging out in his bobby pillow.  It seems to help him breath better.  I am thinking we are going to kick his daddy out of the bed tonight so he can sleep with me in his bobby.

Ace was playing with this toy before he fell asleep and Austin notice that he had it on his arm while he was sleeping.

I am hoping we get rid of this cold asap!


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