Wednesday, January 26, 2011

17 weeks & Aydrie

Here is Ace's weekly picture.

And this little girl has a boo-boo. 

She fell yesterday and hit her chin at Mrs Sherry's.   So, yesterday when she got home she was a little sad but her daddy was able to cheer her up real fast.  He went to the store and got some supplies so we could clean and doctor it.

It was a pretty good gash but I think she is going to be fine. Now we just have to try and keep her band-aids on. And we are hoping she doesn't have a big scar.

She is such a happy girl.

She is getting more mobile these days so I am sure there are lots of falls in our future.   But that's okay because those falls mean she is getting braver and braver and hopefully one day little miss will be walking good and all by herself!


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