Wednesday, January 19, 2011

16 weeks

Since we had visitors last night we took our "weekly" picture tonight.  These weeks are flying by way to fast.

After we took our picture we changed and got down on the floor to play.

We were doing tummy time and Ace decided to roll over.  He rolled over a couple of weeks ago but it was by accident.  He was getting mad because he was on his tummy and rolled over.  I tried to get him to do it again and he never would until tonight.  Tonight he would roll over right when I put him on his tummy.  So, I think he has the hang of it now.

We got a little video of him rolling over. You can click here to watch it. 

We also got a video of Ace telling us something very important.  You can click here to see that video.

Tonight Austin was excited to watch Amercian not so much.  I haven't watched it since the first season but Austin likes it and asked if I would watch it with him. So, that is what we did.

I got a picture of Aydrie before she went to bed.  She was a very tired little girl in this picture.  Today Adam took her to get her new leg braces.  We are going to try and find her some shoes this weekend.  They make her leg braces a little longer than her foot so we have to size up on her shoes that she wears with her braces. We usually have to by her just a pair of Nike's.  I am still looking for some kind of cute shoes for her to wear with her braces.  I have been looking for years now and have had no luck. I wish she didn't have to wear them at all.

Those that know me know I hate to cook. Adam does most of the cooking around here and I do the cleanup.  In the past we have ate out a lot because it is just so easy to do.  Well, one of our new year’s resolutions was to stop eating out so much and start cooking.  So, we officially started this week and I am hoping we stick with it. Eating out all the time is so bad for you and it's not cheap either.  So, all this week we have been cooking at home.  Monday we had chicken alfredo, last night we had spaghetti and tonight we had chicken sandwiches with macaroni and baked beans. I am looking for easy and quick meals. My mom is going to be so proud of us.  When my mom stayed with us the week after Ace was born Austin and Aydrie were in shock because they were getting some good home cooked meals. Austin and Aydrie are such picky eaters because of me and I am hoping it will be different with Ace. I am hoping we can stick with this...we shall see.

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Courtney and Heather said...

Good luck on your cooking sis.... I can help you out a lot! I have cooked some good easy stuff this week and always :)

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