Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday Fun

Yesterday Austin and Aydrie had a dentist appointment.  It was just a cleaning and they both got good reports. While we were at the dentist Ace got to stay with Mrs. Sherry for a little bit.

After their dentist appointment we decided to get something to eat. Austin had the choice between Chic-fil-A or El Fenix.  He choose El Fenix and I was so glad!  

So, we got to enjoy a good lunch together...just the three of us.  It felt so weird not having Ace with us and even Austin thought so.  He kept telling me...it feels weird with out Ace and that it did.  We all missed him.

 After we ate lunch we decided to run over to Target.  Austin got a gift card to Target over the weekend and he couldn't wait to spend it.  So, we went there and walked around and found a couple of goodies.  Miss Aydrie didn't know what was going on.  She got to ride in the buggy all by herself.

We spent a good hour at Target and then headed home to pick up this little guy.

He was very tired. Sherry said he did good and just watched the other kids.  She said that he smiled and talked to her. I think he is going to do just fine there.

We ended our day out with a trip to Sonic.

Austin is such a good big brother...he takes such good care of Aydrie Rose. And sometimes Aydrie likes to take full advantage of it....see below.  She can hold her own cup but didn't think she needed to because Austin can do it for her.  She is a lazy little girl some days. And she so knows it...she will just look at us like I am not holding it and so this is what we do.  She is a smart little girl!

 Gosh I can't believe this Tuesday is already over.  We are half way through this week already.  Time needs to slow down!!


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