Saturday, December 11, 2010

Miss Aydrie and Me

Yesterday at school, I helped Miss Aydrie make her gingerbread house. All of the Kindergarten students at our school get to make gingerbread houses. The parents come put the houses together the day before and then the students get to decorate them with all kinds of goodies! We did Aydrie's in her classroom and she was not very interested. They were playing Christmas music and she was much more interested in "dancing" to the music than helping me decorate. I did give her some Fruit Loops to snack on, while I created her masterpiece.

Miss Priss with her finished house.

 I'm going to miss being with Aydrie everyday when she goes to 1st grade next year and when I HOPEFULLY get a job somewhere. I know her mommy is going to miss it too. I'm always looking out for Aydrie and making sure she is okay. Courtney and Adam recieve a phone call at least twice a week about Aydrie at school. Usually it's to brag about her accomplishments that day. She's doign so well. Keep up the good work Aydrie Rose. I love getting to share these special days with her!


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