Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's over

My maternity leave is officially OVER and I am so sad!!  This past five months have gone by so fast and I wish I could do it all over again.

I am so not ready to leave Ace or give up my extra time with Austin and Aydrie.

I am just glad I got to spend my last week at home with all of them.  Austin and Aydrie still have a week left of their Christmas break so that is good.

Today for some reason Ace has been a little fussy. I am not sure what is going on? I think he knows his mommy is going back to work and is sad...ha. 

He was going to start Miss Sherry's tomorrow but we are going to hold off a week. I would hate for him to start and have a bad first week.

Lucky for us my mom and sister are off this week so tomorrow Ace is going to go stay with Aunt Heather.  Austin is going to go stay with her too.

Today Heather came over and brought me a going back to work surprise. I will now have some cute bags to carry to work. Aren't these cute?

Thanks Heather!!

We all had a great Christmas and will be doing a post on those this week.


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