Monday, December 6, 2010

Girls weekend plus Ace

 The day after Thanksgiving me, my mom and Heather headed to Jaye's for a fun weekend of shopping and hanging out.  This year Miss Aydrie got to stay with her Daddy and Ace got to go with me.  I am pretty sure Aydrie loved that.  So, we got up Friday and made it to Jaye's around 12:30.

Ace in his cute baby legs!  I just love these.  

Adam about died when I put them on him...but they keep his little legs warm. I am hoping Santa brings him a couple more pair.

Ace was very happy to be hanging out with the girls this weekend. 

I just love this smile! 

Us at Jaye's before we headed out to shop.

 Before we even made it out of the first store Ace had an accident and we had to change his outfit.  We made it to the mall and he had been in his second outfit for about an hour before he had another accident!  I am not sure what was going on this day but I was thinking I didn't bring enough clothes. Thankfully we didn't have any more accidents the rest of the weekend.

While we were out we got Ace a new toy and he loved it.  He stayed in this half the time we were shopping. He liked looking around and took at nice long nap while he was in this. I think he liked being close to his mommy!

After we got done shopping, which we didn't do a lot of at all, we headed to a mexican restaurant.

The best part about going to Jaye's is getting to go out to eat!  
This was our second time eating here and it was so good!

Ace did really good.  He slept the whole time we were eating.

When we got home it was time for him to eat. So, he ate and went straight to sleep. 

He is such a good baby!

Saturday we got up and got dressed and shopped some more.

Me and Heather before we left. 

I asked Heather if my outfit looked okay and she told me yes and gave me her scarf to wear.  So, I put the scarf on and she then told me I looked like I was going to ride horses!?

Thanks a lot Heather...I wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing but they wouldn't let me change so I am not sure what other people thought.

We did a lot of this over the weekend.

This is probably when she told me I looked like I was going to ride horses!

This is what happened when Ace found out we were going shopping again.


Just kidding....he was just having a moment.
He was good the 2nd day of shopping too.

Isn't his shirt cute!

I got to pick where we we ate lunch since it was my birthday weekend so we ate here.

Us waiting on our yummy lunch.

I was going to take a picture of the pretty cheesecake we ate but I wasn't fast enough and before I knew it we were all eating and enjoying it so much and it was gone!

We came home and got comfy.

Yes, we have matching jammies. Heather always gets mad because I will wear these on purpose so we are matching.  We got done shopping early and got to watch two movies.  Heather insisted on Elf since it was a Christmas movie and then I picked the second movie -PS I love you. 

We then got up Sunday and stopped by the mall one more time and headed home.

Look at this cute Santa!

My weekend ending with Adam and the kids singing happy birthday to me and me getting to eat this.

It was so good!


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