Monday, December 27, 2010

First Day Back

Well,  I survived my first day back at work.  It was hard but I did it.  Heather sent me these sweet pics through out the day of my boys.

Heather said Ace did good and Austin was very helpful.  Austin was there to make sure Heather knew how to feed Ace....ha ha.  Like she has never done it before. Heather said at one point Austin asked her if she knew how to feed Ace??

Miss Aydrie went to Sherry's today to play.  Ace and Austin are going to go stay with Aunt Heather again tomorrow.  Hopefully now Heather knows what to do with Ace. Just kidding she is so good with all of them.

The best part of my day was coming home to these three faces.


I know sooner or later I will get back into a routine again but it is so hard after being off for so's just going to take a while.  So, tonight we aren't doing anything at all.  No laundry, no cleaning, not anything!


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